Our security system

We use our entire SSL site: Secure Socket Layers. It is an Internet security system. You can recognize it by the lock on the address bar. You can also see in the URL "https" instead of "http". This additional "s" refers to "secure" With SSL, all information exchanged between you and our website is encrypted so that it is not readable by third parties.

What forms of payment do you accept?


MB WAY is the MULTIBANCO solution that allows you to make purchases online and in physical stores, generate MB NET virtual cards, send, ask for money and split the account and still use and withdraw money through your smartphone, in the MB WAY app or in the apps banking.

ATM reference

If you choose this method, an ATM reference will be generated on the total amount (total order plus postage).

You can then make the payment at any ATM or conveniently through your homebanking system.

The proof generated by your homebanking or the receipt issued by the ATM makes proof of payment. Keep it.

Debit / Credit Card

VISA and Mastercard


Paypal is a free online payment system, used by more than 100 million people worldwide.

This payment method allows you to use your credit card (VISA, American Express, MasterCard) to buy at our store as well as at many other online stores. To do so, simply create a free Paypal account.

When you click to finalize your order, you will be redirected to the PAYPAL secure payment site to access the payment. If you are already a PAYPAL customer, you can enter your account details and proceed with the payment.

If you are not yet a Paypal Customer, you will be asked for the payment details for the order and for the respective registration (optional). The data entered allows you to create your PAYPAL account that can be used later on our website or any other that accepts this payment method. When finalizing the payment you will be sent back to the website where you finalize your order.

You will receive the order confirmation and PAYPAL payment confirmation by email and the order will be dispatched immediately.

If for any reason it is not possible to satisfy your order, the full refund of the amount paid directly to your PAYPAL account and the card used is made or, if you choose, you can keep this amount in credit in your current account for a future purchase.


Using this payment method you can make the payment at the time of order pickup, and the transaction can be carried out directly at the delivery address or at the local station.

Bank transfer

Holder: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NIB: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

IBAN: PT50.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SWIFT / BIC: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The bank transfer should only be made after confirming the availability of the ordered items. You will receive an email from apoio.cliente@cors.pt with payment details.

We suggest sending proof of transfer, for better identification of the payment, to the email apoio.cliente@cors.pt

Subsequently, it will only be dispatched, after the order value plus postage, is credited to the bank account described above.

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